Lionel 11153



Lionel's Heritage Series takes you back in time. Lionel is proud to offer the next locomotive in its popular Heritage Series-an exquisite replica of the historic 19th-century Stourbridge Lion locomotive. Equipped to operate in forward and reverse, this scale-sized 19th century locomotive is able to run on any O-gauge layout including O-27. 1:48th scale and accurately depicted in even the smallest details, Lionel's Stourbridge Lion features the highest level of quality and realism. Its compact "19th-century" size also makes the Stourbridge Lion the perfect display piece for an office desktop or home bookshelf. To securely display your locomotive and tender, a handsome display base is also included in the package. As part of the Heritage Series, production of the Stourbridge Lion will be limited to original orders only. Features:
  • Powered locomotive and tender
  • Brass and die-cast construction
  • Switch-controlled forward and reverse operation
  • Standard O scale model operates on 0-27 curves
  • Engineer figure
  • Limited production
  • Includes display base with track Gauge: Standard O Dimensions: Length: Loco and tender: Approx. 5" Display base with brassplate: Approx. 15" (length of this base can accommodate locomotive, tender, and two coal cars) Minimum Curve: O-27
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