Lionel 11843



Built 1999. Lionel offered these as a 3 unit lashup, and it looks spectacular with 3 cab roof strobe lights. Also, you can run the 2 locos seperately, with dummy hooked to either. The 2 locos will operate simultaneously on one track or layout using seperate loco numbers. Couple them together (even while moving). When the couplers close they operate as a single unit automatically with one command from the handheld. When uncoupled, the two locos repsond seperately to handheld commands. FEATURES: 0-31" compatible * Twin-Pullmor motors * Magne-Traction * full TMCC command control * metal handrails * directional headlighting * blinking yellow "strobe" light atop each units roof * lighted number boards * die-cast GP-9 trucks * Railsounds 2.5 * dual electrocouplers on each loco * Locos numbered #2380; #2381; #2382 on sides of cabs, authentic BOSTON & MAINE paint scheme and logos. Lionel stock numbers are 18570, 18571 and 18572 (these were never sold seperately).

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