Lionel 14005

Operating Coal Ramp (# 456R)


Described as 'unusual and fascinating' in Lionel's 1950 catalog. Nobody ever stops using it.
  • When loaded coal car (6-19885) is pushed up ramp with locomotive, car couples to coupler at top of ramp and stays there
  • After loco leaves, press button and coal unloads from bottom of car and drops thru tracks to waiting bin or coal truck below
  • When car is empty, press another button, car will uncouple from ramp and roll down track to be picked up by a train for delivery to re-loading area.
  • Can be combined with 6-14004 operating coal conveyer shown between ramp and the Burlington hopper (sorry the picture is a little dark), and you can reload coal into the car after the engineer moves car under the end of the conveyer
  • All metal, works with all versions of 3456 Operating Hopper, and with either O or O-27 track
  • 10 x 7 1/2 x 6 inches, Nickle plated brass handrails
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