Lionel 14124



getting into the TMCC line. Reintroduced by Lionel for the first time since 1966, in 2000. This was lionel first version of the new ZW(next version had more powerful 180 watt powerhouse's). There's only one ZW transformer! This new verion with 2 135 watt powerhouse's. It doesn't get any better then this, if your going to run Lionel TMCC trains, this will work all the bells and whistles. Control 4 trains with 4 different control handles in without comand equipment, and if you use the Train Master Command Control System (TMCC) you can control each output using your walk-around remote control up to the level preset by the corresponding ZW handle (a great way to limit the top speed of a train). Also with TMCC you can run up to 10 trains independently.

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