Lionel 18131



NP command control equipped F-3 AB produced in 1997 in dark green/yellow/red freight paint scheme. This set was originally sold with the passenger car set. Train people complained about the frt. colors, and Lionel released another set in 1998 with the passenger color scheme. In 1998, lionel did produce a 4 car freight set that compliments this AB set (6-11977). FEATURES: dual Pullmor vertical motors, TMCC, electrocouplers, die-cast F-3 trucks and Magnetraction, detailed cab interior, metal steps, screened roof vents, and complete railsounds in B-unit. One of the best looking F-3's Lionel has ever made in full detail. It is interesting to note that this set became a holiday favorate with Xmas green and red in the shell graphics.

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