Lionel 18231



Produced by Lionel in 1999, and retailed for $699.95. This loco is as powerful as they got in 98 and was Lionel's "top-of-the-line" diesel offered. FEATURES: 0-31" compatible, engine #739, Highly detailed plastic molded body, twin Pullmor motors, directional headlighting, ditch lights, all die-cast Dash-9 6-wheel trucks in bright silver paint scheme, magnetracion, tire traction control, Full command control TMCC, seated cab crew, lighted cab interior, uncouple anywhere w/dual operating couplers, 2.5 Railsounds, sheet-metal base, metal railings, all metal safety chains on both platforms, unique 'pumpkin' paint scheme chosen by the newly merged Santa Fe and Burlington Northern Railroads into the BNSF (one of the best paint schemes created across the USA in the modern era).

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