Lionel 18321



Produced by Lionel in 1999, and was part of there Postwar Celebration Series. This has become extremely difficult to find(just like the original). The original Fairbanks Morse Trainmaster from 1956 is one of the rarest of all Lionel locomotives. Mint post-war JC FM's are selling in the 5 figure range. This reissue is technically identical to the post-war version with the following present day upgrade FEATURES: dual pullmor motors * track holding Magne-traction * LIONEL TMCC (horn, towercom, crew talk, squeeking brakes, engine revs, coupler release sounds) * direction headlighting * all die-cast 6-wheel FM trucks, fuel tanks, pilots * all metal frame * the battery powered horn has been eliminated so you won't ruin you loco if you forget to remove the battery. Now you can purchase a great revival from Lionel's post-war past at a reasonable price.

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