Lionel 18327



Fairbanks-Morse made the most powereful diesel of the 50's - 2400 horsepower - twice as much power per unit as other locos at that time. They ran day and night in high speed passenger and freight service. Lionel's 1956 Virginian had dual pullmor motors, magnetraction, 8 powerd drive and 6 wheel trucks, making it their most powerful loco also. Now you can have all of that with 1950's hand made quality, PLUS full command control in this member of Lionel's Postwar Celebration series for year 2000. It has railsounds, towercom, and crewtalk. The minimum operating radius of 31 inches enables this loco to operate on almost any Lionel layout. Electrocouplers allow loco to uncouple anywhere on a layout. You can gang 2 or 3 locos together into 1 train, then take them off the train, all while moving. Operates with conventional transformers or with hand held remote. Mint OB

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