Lionel 18347



This is a 2 car set, consisting of one powered passenger car (w/ dual motors) and one non-powered passenger car. These handsome 1930 vintage Multiple Unit (MU's) Electric Trains handled over 100,000 commuters every day, and the Illinois Central had a boat load of the these cars for service out of Chicago. Help your commuters get to work on time. The dual motored power car is the equivalent of a heavy duty locomotive, and has full Lionel Remote Control (TMCC) , railsounds and authentic commuter car sounds. Has die cast trucks that uncouple anywhere on the railraod without need for an uncoupling track. 'Owl' porthole engineers windows, and metal chains on all door ends. The IC (and most other railroads) would operate MU cars in trains of 1 to 16 cars (and sometimes more). Some railroads had every car powered, and some had motors in every other car, with a powered and non-powered car being semi-permanently coupled together.

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