Lionel 18374



New for 2006, the Joshua Lionel Cowen Series GG1 is available in the striking silver and red livery and packed with top-of-the-line features. To simulate prototypical operation, press a button on the CAB-1 Remote Controller and watch a plume of smoke erupt from the blow-off stack. Other action-packed features include intricate metal pantographs that deploy and retract automatically, and RailSounds 5.0 effects synchronized to each operation. For customized operation, a CAB-1 command can adjust pantograph orientation regardless of direction. Those who prefer conventional operation are not left out. Most of these and other exciting features can easily be accessed w ith traditional transformer control. Add a set of Congressional passenger cars for an impressive consist. FEATURES: TrainMaster Command Control equipped-able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode Odyssey System for speed control with ON/OFF switch Operating pantographs deploy and retract according to direction, a TMCC CAB-1 command, or with Conventional Mode roof mounted switches Pantograph lock-down prevents accidental operation on layouts with low clearances RailSounds 5.0 sound system with new intelligible CrewTalk dialog and more TowerCom announcements, each with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped RailSounds 5.0 effects simulate the raising and lowering of the pantographs, perfectly synchronized with each operation Adjust the blower RPM independent of locomotive speed via a CAB-1 command MultiHorn effect realistically varies the horn blast with each press of the button Independently adjustable volume control-lower the level of background effects such as the blower with the CAB-1 Remote Controller while keeping operator-controlled effects such as the horn at full volume Many operator-controlled effects including CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements are accessible in Conventional Transformer Control Mode. Dual FatBoy speakers for the ultimate in sound reproduction Realistic steam generator blow-off-a plume of smoke erupts from the stack in Conventional or Command Control Mode Dual powerful maintenance-free motors with momentum flywheels Directional LED headlights Directional marker lights illuminate on the end opposite of the active headlight Illuminated number boards Die-cast metal body and trucks Front and rear ElectroCouplers Traction tires Accurate separately applied builder's plates Illuminated front cab interior Engineer and fireman figures in front cab Opening side doors, end doors and roof hatches Removable roof panel reveals all controls for easy adjustments without having to remove the GG1 from the track Gauge: O Gauge Minimum Curve: O-72 Dimensions: Length: 20"

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