Lionel 18388



  • Here's Lionel't most powerful loco at a special closeout price
  • Save $ 100 to $ 200 over the 2009 catalog price for a Trainmaster or other locomotives with TMCC/LEGACY
  • At 2000 horsepower each, Fairbanks Morse Trainmasters had double the horsepower of the original F3's and could pull twice as much
  • Nearly identical with Lionel's original 1956 model, with no shortcuts, but with the additon of TMCC, this new model has all the great features and top notch quality of the best of Lione, and will run forever
  • Painted in spectacular orange and blue as originally delivered, these locos started service under the watchful eye of the Statue of Liberty at the Jersey Central's Hudson River Terminal in Jersey City, but were repainted in less than a year because the railroad could not keep them clean. Many people never saw this color scheme
  • Similarly, Lionel only produced the original in 1956, and made a very limited production run at that time
  • Runs on any fastrak or O gauge layout
  • Operates conventionally with any older transformer or with the handheld remote (TMCC) system
  • Dual Pullmor motors with Magnetraction and traction tires
  • ElectoCouplers (lets you uncouple from the train anywhere on the layout without use of an uncoupling track
  • Railsounds #5.0
  • All die-cast trucks/pilots/fuel tank plus all metal handrails, grabirons and chassis
  • If you hook up 3 or 4 FM's together, don't attach them to the foundatation wall - you might pull the wall down
  • Our founder (Don Shaw) does run 4 Lackawanna FM's ganged together - what a train!
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