Lionel 21782



Of all the trains in America...none was more graceful, none carried more important dignitaries than the world-famous 'Congressional' between New York and Washington DC.
  • Lionel's first model was made in 1955 and is one of the most collectable sets of all time
  • Nothing is finer today than Lionel's year 2000 model, complete with GG1 and four aluminum cars
  • All metal Maroon 5 Strip GG1 has dual pullmor motors, magnetraction, 12 wheel drive, Full Command Control and electro-couplers
  • Aluminum passenger cars have the maroon strip just like the special cars made for the Pennsy's Congressional, are illuminated and are unparalled
  • Set does not have track or transformer. If you need track and transformer, order our TS-15CC package (listed under track and transformer category) which includes everything you need to control up to 10 trains with Lionel's Handheld Controller
  • The white lines on the trucks are tie-downs for shipping - not marks on the trucks. Top picture is a catalog rendering. The other pictures are ours. Pantographs raise and lower and can be used for power from overhead catenary.
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