Lionel 21975



Compared to lower cost sets, this set features a new, much larger and more powerful heavy duty locomotive, plus metal trucks with springs (instead of plastic trucks) on all cars....A premium starter set with an all new 80 watt extra powerful transformer. This will handle many extra accessories and other equipment as you expand.
  • 4-6-4 Hudson loco with remote control forward, neutral and reverse, puffing smoke, brilliant headlight
  • Tender with whistle, die cast trucks, operating coupler and ringing bell
  • Lighted caboose and cars were cataloged only in this set and are not available from factory for seperate purchase
  • No assembly, just plug in the track, connect the wire to the transformer, start the train. Has 8 curved and 8 straight O-27 track, transformer, wire and lockon
  • Order our special gift package # 6-11731 and now you're really talking. This includes a 6-65149 uncoupling track required to operate the couplers so cars may be automatically uncoupled from the train while moving or standing still!
  • Or just order the 6-65149 uncoupling track and one extra piece of straight track. The factory does not include the uncoupling track in the package
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