Lionel 24114



  • Operates in conventional mode or with handheld controller
  • If you let them, your children will use this wonderful toy every day, even if the trains are put away. The cab rotates a full 360 degrees, the hook and boom go up and down and the magnet can be deenergized or energized to pick up metal, and can be removed from the hook. All of these functions are controlled from the 3 lever control box in the picture. Because it is so much fun, children will use it to lift their cars, trucks and everything else they have as they play out their daily fantasies
  • Unit comes with the conventional 3 lever control box shown
  • In addition to using the 3 lever control box, the system can be operated with the Lionel Hand Held Controller (ie the TMCC Cab-1). Rotate the cab, operate the magnet, and raise and lower the winch with variable speed and fine control using your CAB-1 Remote Controller (The new AMC (accessory motor controller) is built in for this purporse. In addition the built in ARC (Action Recorder Controller) lets you record entire animated sequences and play them back over and over with your CAB-1 Remote Control
  • A TMC Cab-1 and command base are needed to operate in this mode. Both are included in # 6-12969 command set under the track and transformer category The crane is on wheels. Dimensions 10 7/8 x 10 5/8 x 9 1/8th inches
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