Lionel 24534



WOW - Maroon Grey and Yellow F3'S were the original power for the Phoebe Snow, and the Lackawanna's paint scheme was judged 2nd best in a nationwide diesel design contest held by the AAR amongst all the railroads (The Santa Fe was the winner)
  • The F3's were carried into the merger of the Erie and Lackawanna, and the Lackawanna Scheme was adopted by the Erie-Lackawanna, preserving this beautiful color scheme up until the days of Conrail Blues
  • Magnetraction plus traction tires provides enormous pulling power and traction never before available in an F3
  • Indeed, this deluxe loco has every feature that Lionel has to offer, including 2 maintenance free motors, TMCC, Odyssey, Railsounds and Crewtalk, die cast bases. frames, pilots and trucks, new superdetailed F3 bodies, opening doors, builders plates, pivoting diaphams, engineer and fireman figures
  • Both powerd and dummy A's have fan driven smoke units, although Lackawanna Management and Miss Phoebe would flip if the highly maintained Lackawanna Units ever smoked - but in Erie Lackawanna livery they began to smoke as maintenace fell off (apologies to Erie Fans)
  • The ABA is 39 inches long, and operates on 31 inch and larger diameter track
  • An additional powered B is also available (6-24538) so you can operate 2 seperate AB locos, as well as combining them into one superpowered, 4 motored ABBA.
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