Lionel 28306



  • Three Independently Operating Engines! Simulated "Sleep-Technology!
  • The simulated "mode shuts down all idling engine sounds after a set period of inactivity-just like the real engine
  • Unparalleled Detailing and Lighting
  • The Union Pacific Genset Switcher offers enhanced interior cab realism, and an unprecedented level of body detailing and separately applied parts:
  • Opening compartment doors reveal hidden details
  • Superior level of realistic body detail and separately applied metal parts
  • Realistic open vents
  • LEGACY RailSounds sound system synchronizes realistic sounds to nearly all aspects of locomotive operation, features, and effects. Just
  • Independently adjustable volume control allows you to use the Remote Controller to lower the level of background effects (such as RPM levels) while keeping operator controlled effects (such as the horn) at full volume.
  • Multi-levels of realistic engine sounds depending on whether one, two, or three simulated Genset engines are in use
  • TruRail Signals - Activate the "quilling" horn and user playable bell featuring continuous or single strike sounds with variable intensity. There's a dedicated CAB-2 control for both horn and bell functions.
  • And all the high-end features you've come to expect from Lionel:
  • LEGACY Control System - You can run the engine in LEGACY Control mode, in TrainMaster Command Control mode, or in Conventional mode with a standard transformer Gauge: Standard O Minimum Curve: O-54
  • CD10.09.01.0105
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