Lionel 28338



NORFOLK SOUTHERN HERITAGE LINE The last diesel entry in the NS Heritage line - the five important railroads that were ultimately absorbed into modern day Norfolk Southern - is the P ennsylvania SD70ACe #1846 dressed in classic tuscan, complete with matching caboose and PRR freight cars. Each collector's locomotive and rolling stock pieces in this Heritage line is beautifully and uniquely decorated to pay tribute to the Norfolk Southern Railway and the fallen flag railroads it was built from.
  • LEGACY Control System equipped
  • Odyssey II Speed Control with On/Off switch
  • LEGACY RailSounds sound system featuring:
  • CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements
  • Six official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog
  • Eight diesel RPM levels
  • LEGACY Real-Time Quilling Horn
  • Single hit or continuous mechanical bell sounds
  • Dual powerful maintenance-free motors with momentum flywheels
  • Front and rear ElectroCouplers
  • Operating marker lights
  • Traction tires
  • Fan-driven smoke system
  • Adjustable smoke output
  • Directional lighting LED headlights
  • Ditch lights on front
  • Illuminated number boards
  • Illuminated cab interior
  • Ground lights on sides
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilot, and fuel tank
  • Metal frame
  • Separately applied metal details
  • Engineer and fireman figures Gauge: Standard O Length:17 inch Minimum Curve: O-36 Volume 2 2010
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