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  • Picatinny Arsenal, originally known as Middle Forge, was the place where cannon balls were produced during the Revolutionary War for George Washington and the Continental Army. The site was eventually acquired by the US Govt, and became the stellar army facility for production of ammunition. During World War II, 28,000 people were employed there. Today Picatinny is a major Army Research and Develoment Center
  • Up until the mid 60's Picatinny had over 100 miles of railroad on the grounds. First using steam and eventually little diesels, the Picatinny locos delivered box cars loaded with ammunition to a 7 track yard on the Arsenal grounds, where the cars were transfered and picked up by the Wharton and Northern (Jersey Central) Railroad
  • Lionel (who was a major contractor for Picatinny at that time) first commemorated Picatinny in 1957 with the introduction of the Picatinny Switcher, a powerful little loco that could haul any number of cars and which became a favorite among collectors and train operators nationwide
  • Lionel is reproducing this loco 48 years later during 2005 only, using identical high quality methods and designs from 1957 without any shortcuts, but adding the new state of the art TMCC computer system. This allows operation with a hand held controller in addtion to the traditional methods of controlling Lionel trains
  • Gauge: O and O-27. Length: 7 1/2
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