Lionel 28806



Built 2001. These diesels were sometimes called the "Baby Trainmasters". The Fairbanks Morse Co. utilized the highly reliable 8 cylinder, opposed-piston diesel engine for American diesel power. And, these unique powerplants were made famous on American submarines during World War II. This #1516 FM is based on actual prototypes. FEATURES: Engine #1516 * TMCC * 0-31 compatible * dual flywheel motors * TMCC * fan driven diesel smoke generator * transformer controlled F/N/R * diesel horn sounds * directional headlighting * lighted LED markers * lighted number boards * operating dual couplers * traction-tire control * all die-cast trucks/pilots/fuel tank * all metal frame * opening cab doors * seated engineer crew * all metal handrails and grabirons * lighted cab interior * warning placards & builders plates * authentic CNJ green/yellow paint scheme w/STATUE OF LIBERTY busts on body front headlight panels.

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