Lionel 30026



  • This set is headed by a modern Canadian Pacific Lionmaster SD-90 loco with 2 maintenance free motors and every feature Lionel has to offer
  • The Set is ready to run with no assembly required.
  • An exceptional feature is that the loco can be uncoupled from the train anywhere on the layout by remote control using the handheld controller, simulating all switching operations performed on real railroads
  • The loco also has Lionel's famous forward, neutral, and reverse system. This feature is exclusive with O (and O-27) gauge trains; with it, you can stop the train in neutral, leave the power on and operate Milk Cars and all the other fun filled operating cars ever made. Nothing like this is available in any of the other gauges
  • All cars are Lionels larger 'Standard O' cars, which are scale models of newer extended length cars now in use on the railroads
  • The train is 74 1/8 inches long, and the track included makes a 50 by 70 inch layout. (Larger 48 inch diameter track has been included for better train performance, but the engine and cars will also operate on regular O gauge 31 inch curves and 36 inch fastrack)
  • For maximum fun we highly recommend purchase of both our 1-120541 operating and uncoupling track kit with your set and the 6-12969 Train Master Command Set
  • All cars in the set have operating couplers, but the special track needed is not included in the set as supplied by the factory. The uncoupling kit provides the special track required to operate the uncouplers; in addition it will also operate any operating car you may purchase now or in the future. Click back once, this track kit is listed right here with the sets
  • Purchase of the 6-12969 will give you the handheld controller and command base necessary to operate the train with the handheld. As supplied by the factory, the train will be contoled by the transformer, but the handheld is not included. While optional, the handheld activates many additional cutting edge features included in the set, and also provides the capability for running up to 10 additional trains on a complete layout (with addition of additional transformers for more power)
  • Built 2006,
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