Lionel 31704



  • The Maroon and Gold Alton Limited will be spectacularily colored feature on any railroad, headed by a full scale Pacific only used for the Alton, last years Blue Comet and the Erie
  • Locomotive Features: TrainMaster Command Control equipped-able to run in Command or Conventional Mode. RailSounds with CrewTalk, TowerCom, and DynaChuff. Operating Headlight. High-torque Pittman motor. Two traction tires. Fan driven smoke unit. Glowing firebox in cab. Glass in cab windows. Engineer and fireman figures
  • Heavyweight Passenger cars feature: Die cast metal trucks and operating couplers, Interior lighting with on-off control. Opening doors and passenger figures. Diaphragms and lighted drumhead on Observation
  • Track and transformer are NOT included
  • If you need track and transformer You will need unlimited number of (6-65500) O gauge (length=10 inches per) straight
  • 16 (6-65554) O gauge (54 inch wide radius) curve
  • 1 each (6-12866) PH-1 Powerhouse (135 watts 8 amps of AC UL-listed power supply
  • 1 each (6-12867) PH-1 Powermaster (runs any old train made from 1920 to today without modification
  • 1 each (6-12969) Handheld Control (TCC CAB-1) and TCC Command base package
  • This will give you everything you need
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