Lionel 31784



Every line has a train like this rugged work train. The headlight-equipped NW-2 diesel at the front carries the famous colors and markings of the Union pacifc. It features a powerful pullmor motor, electronic horn and bell, MAGNE-TRACTION magnetic couplers, electronic e-unit, traction tires, and AAR die-cast trucks. Lift and lower freight with the amazing boom car. Look at the fat car with a realistic transformer lashed on top. Look at the hopper car with removable coal load . the gondola with removable canisters . the work caboose. Each piece of rolling stock is also equipped with new AAR trucks upgraded to die-cast metal!
  • No. 1593 train set includes:
  • No. 613 Union Pacifc Diesel switcher
  • No. 6476 Red Lehigh Valley Hopper Car
  • No. 6818 Flat Car with transformer
  • No. 6660 Lionel Boom Car
  • No. 6112 Lionel Gondola with Canisters
  • No. 6119 D&LW Work Caboose Gauge: Traditional O Gauge Dimensions: Train measures 4 ft., 10 1/2 in. long. Minimum Curve: O-27
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