Lionel 31916



  • A powerful, all metal die-cast 4-6-4 Hudson with headlight and whistle pulls the colorfully painted rolling stock of the Santa Fe Freight
  • The figure eight and the operating log dump car are classics, with the log car adding lots of play value
  • Loco has neutral, forward and reverse; stop the train and unload the logs into the bin at the touch of a button
  • All cars are upscale collector series cars with metal trucks with springs, and the lighted red and silver Santa Fe caboose has a special die cast caboose truck (no springs). Stock car has horses, and both the box car and stock car have sliding doors, and the children will load and unload many hidden treasures into the cars
  • Cars are not cataloged for seperate sales and generally only available in this set
  • No assembly required, set is complete and ready to run. Includes large 80 watt transformer with adequate power and connections for accessories and lights which can be added at any time, 7 O-27 straight track, 1 operating track which uncouples all cars and activates the log car at touch of a button, 12 curved track and a 90 degree crossing
  • This set is the lowest price set with the newly designed larger and more powerful starter set loco with all metal undercarriage assembly and 6 drive wheels instead of 4. All metal loco, brillant headlight, handrailing detail, puffing smoke and a whistle tender and signal sounds system
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