Lionel 31931



  • Compared to lower cost starter sets, the Ballyhoo Expres features a new, much larger, more durable and more powerful heavy duty Die-Cast Hudson 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive
  • Tender plays Circus Music
  • All cars are special action operating cars created just for this set, and are not cataloged for seperate sale
  • Cars all have die cast metal trucks, and are equipped with remote controlled electric uncouplers
  • The traditional Red and Silver Caboose is lighted along with the elephant car, adding additional sparkle and appearance under the tree or on the layout
  • The boxcar has a clown who pops up and down thru the roof to see if the track is clear up ahead
  • A Lion is chasing the Trainer around the crates on the Gondola as the train moves down the track. (Don't worry, he is a friendly Lion and won't hurt the trainer)
  • The door of the illuminated elephant boxcar opens with the push of a button and the attendant apprears in the doorway and sweeps the car
  • Locomotive has transformer controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation, puffs smoke, and has operating headlight, operating coupler on rear of tender, and maintenance free powerful motor with 2 traction tires for added pulling power
  • Has 40 watt transformer, 8 curved, 7 straight track and one uncoupler track to operate the couplers and the elephant car
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