Lionel 31936



  • Take a ride on the Pennsylvania Railroad with the all new Pennsy Flyer Set
  • The all metal Locomotive has a headlight; puffing smoke; remotely controlled whistle, speed control and reversing (including neutral, enabling use of fun filled operating cars like a milk car where the man unloads the milk cans); and a maintenance free motor
  • Cars include Pennsylvania Box Car, Gondola with canisters and Red Caboose
  • All cars are equipped with remote controlled electric uncouplers, letting you uncouple cars from the engine and each other at the touch of a button.
  • For maximum fun we highly recommend purchase of a TS-50 Uncoupling Kit with your set. This provides the special track required to operate the uncouplers.Click back once, the kit is included with the list of sets
  • Set is ready to run with a 40 x 60 inch track oval layout (8 curved FasTrack track, 3 straight O FasTrack track and 1 terminal section) and a 80 watt transformer with engineer's handle to control speed and with plenty of power for extra accessories
  • Just put the track together on the floor (even on the carpet), plug it in and let the fun begin. No assembly required
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