Lionel 31962



  • This set commemorates the Nickle Plate Road and their famous high speed freight service handled by Berkshires with a 2-8-4 wheel arrangement
  • Berkshires brought railroads a new level of performance, hauling many more cars at much higher speeds than previous steamers
  • This is a deluxe set in every respect
  • Lionel's mighty Berkshire is all metal with no shortcuts or plastic, and has all the features we expect from Lionel, including:
  • Transformer controlled forward, neutral
  • RailSounds sound system with steam sounds, synchronized chuffing, crew announcements,brake squeal, steam whistle and bell
  • operating headlight
  • maintenance free motor and puffing smoke
  • Cars have die cast trucks with working springs, and operating couplers
  • The Smoking Caboose has special metal trucks, operating couplersand lighted interior
  • Both the box car and trailer have opening doors for loading and unloading children's treasures, the trailer can be removed from the flatcar and towed down highway, and the container can be removed from the trailer frame as well, all adding hours of fun for the lucky children and adults who receive this set
  • The set includes an 80 watt transformer with plenty of power to spare for more trains and accessories, and a 40x60 oval of track
  • Ready to run, no assembly required. Just snap the track together, put it anywhere in the house, on the rug or under the tree, plug in the transformer and let the fun begin
  • Be sure to order our TS-50 uncoupling kit, which is required to operate the couplers so cars may be automatically uncoupled from the train w hile moving or standing still. this kit also has everything you need to run an operating milk car, log or coal dumping car, and increases the size of the oval. This kit is listed on our set page, after ordering your set, click on 'train sets' again on the navigation bars on the left of the screen
  • Or be a superhero and purchase our deluxe gift package with 8 extra gifts to wrap and p ut under the tree (also listed on the set page)
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