Lionel 37901



The thought of railroads always conjures up majestic locomotives and rolling stock hauling freight and people across the many miles of countryside. However many railroads had to move their goods and people in port areas as well. For those railroads there was a need for transportation beyondtheir rail systems, and some maintained a small fleet of tugboats to move water bound shipments. These tugs would guide the ships and barges to an unloading point in local ports where the trains would then take over. Lionel once again offers this option to you for use in your railroad empire. This beautifully detailed tugboat gives you the authority to control the flow of goods to your train world, as it stands ever watchful for the next shipment coming in to port.
  • Operating smoke unit
  • Tugboat horn sound
  • Interior lighting in pilot house
  • Metal handrails
  • Removable simulated water base Gauge: Traditional O Gauge Dimensions: Dimensions: 19" x 5" x 11" RailLine: Lehigh Valley
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