Lionel 38105



  • The original Postwar Canadian Pacific AA from 1957 is one of the toughest postwar engines to find and is one of the most beautiful as well.
  • Lionel re-issued the CP set in 1999 and the engine (as well as the complete set) is also very difficult to locate. It is much rarer than the postwar version because of the extremely low number produced. (We sold out within 5 days after delivery)
  • Loco has 2 pullmor motors with magnetraction
  • Full TMCC
  • Electro-couplers on both powered and dummy units that enable you to uncouple from the train anywhere on the layout without using uncoupling tracks
  • Completely identical with it's postwar sisters with portholes, grab irons and wire screen roof vents added to the new model that weren't on the original
  • This set, along with the 3 passenger cars had a catalog price of $ 1295.00
  • Just remember, a Like New postwar AA today will sell for $ 7,000 to $ 10,000, and the MPC versio was produced in much lower quantities.
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