Lionel 62162



  • A combination of the postwar 252 Xing gate and 154 highway flasher, this type of signal is used on RR's all over America today for approaching trains
  • The combined Gate and Signal has it all with 9-1/2" gate that lowers across the road and 2 lights that light and warn you when the train is approaching. A combined favorite of old and young alike
  • For Fastrack layouts, be sure you have an accessory activator pak (6-12029) to activate thisaccessory. (One pak will work any number of accessories). An optional accessory activator extender (6-12027) is also recommended; it will increase the length of time the flasher remains activated
  • A 153 contactor is included for use with O and O-27 layouts
  • For added realism install one on either side of the track ( only oneaccessory activator pak is required to operate both)
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