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  • Rooms 6 through 11 of our Archive includes all Modern Lionel Trains produced by the Lionel Corporation from 2000 to date
  • This room (room 6) includes all sets made from 2000 to date
  • In most cases pictures are shown in addition to detailed descriptions
  • All items offered for sale to Lionel Dealers from 2000 to date by the Lionel Corporation have been included
  • These include items that were not produced, (ie canceled for lack or orders or other reasons
  • Uncataloged items made for a particular store or other venue have been included if we have heard of them
  • The information and writings comes from many sources, including
  • The Staff at The Train-Station, (David Shaw, Douglas Waller, Daniel White, Douglas Dressler. Bob Hansen, Steve Morris, Michael Donadio, Mahamoud Sacko, Jonathan Benjamin, Bill Weber and Don Shaw)
  • Books by Paul Ambrose, Tomas McComas, Bruce Greenberg, David Doyle
  • Data from The Lionel Corporation and their Catalogs
  • Many other customers and friend
  • A listing in the archive does not mean we have the item in stock; except for track, transformers and a number of accessories, most items listed were produced once and were not normally and will not be produced again
  • Items that are in stock are listed seperately on our shopping cart (click on the red button on the home page labeled 'shop on line'
  • We believe there are additional items built that we are unaware of.
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