Lionel 00525012



  • The Santa Fe painted their Dash 8-40BW locos (built by General Electric) in the historic, spectacular Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme
  • Each unit was rated at 4000 horsepower, and with a total of 8000 horsepower, 2 units, ganged together, handled many Santa Fe high speed fast freights all the way from Los Angeles to Chicago practically non-stop
  • Lionel's model is authentic, with one powered and one non-powered unit duplicating the way they appeared in service on the Santa Fe
  • The locos have every feature Lionel has to offer, including many features otherwise only offered in locomotives costing several hundred dollars more. With 2 maintenance free motors in the powered unit it will run for the next 50 or more years
  • It is complete and ready to run with no assembly required, and will operate on any fastrack layout
  • Both units have electrocouplers so you can uncouple your train anywhere on the layout without use of an uncoupling track
  • Will operate with the standard 90 watt transformer in fastrak starter sets, and with any larger lionel transformer as well
  • Loco will also operate with either a TMCC controller and command base (6-12868 + 6-12911) or, for maximum capabilility, with a Legacy Controller (6-14295)
  • Either the TMCC or Legacy is a one time purchase - once you have one, they will operate many seperate locos at the same time.
  • Odyssey II Speed Control with ON/OFF switch
  • LEGACY RailSounds sound system featuring: CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements, each with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped
  • Five official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog
  • Eight diesel RPM levels
  • LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Horn" control with instant response for realistic signature "quilling" and correctly timed warning signals
  • Single hit or continuous mechanical bell sounds.
  • Front and rear ElectroCouplers. (These allow you to couple up or couple the loco from the train anywhere on the layout without use of an uncoupling track!)
  • Dual powerful maintenance-free motors with momentum flywheels
  • Refined conventional transformer control mode with lower starting speeds
  • Traction tires
  • Fan-driven smoke unit with adjustable smoke output in LEGACY Control or TMCC mode
  • Directional lighting including LED headlights, Illuminated number boards, and Illuminated cab interior.
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilots, and fuel tank and Engineer figures
  • O-gauge, Minimum Curve: 36 inch diameter. operates on any fastrack layout and any O gauge layout with 36 or larger diameter curves
  • 2 Units together are 36 inches long
  • Non-powered unit has front and rear Electro-couplers; fan drive smoke unit with adjustable smoke output; Direction lighting, illuminated number boards, and lighted cab;Die-cast metal frame
  • CD10.08.01.085
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