Lionel 00525014



  • Take a ride on the Pennsylvania Railroad with our exclusive Pennsylvania Freight and Passenger Set
  • Set includes 3 lighted passengere cars, boxcar, tank car and red caboose
  • The set is complete and ready to run.
  • No assembly required
  • Just put the track together on the floor (even on the carpet) and let the fun begin
  • The all metal Locomotive has a headlight; puffing smoke; remotely controlled whistle, speed control and Lionel's famous forward, neutral and reversing system; along with a maintenance free motor
  • Please note that the forward, neutral and reverse system enables you to stop the train in neutral with the power on and operate all the operating cars ever made, including the greatest playtoy of all time - the operating milk car. This system is only available in Lionel O gauge and Fastrack sets and not in HO, G or any other gauge. You simply cannot have operating cars in any of the other gauges, which is why O Gauge is the best
  • Cars include a Pennsylvania Box Car with opening door (where your child will put all kinds of secret things for transport and delivery down the line), a tank car and, of course a Red Pennsylvania Caboose
  • Passenger cars include an Oreo tear drop observation car, and Ritz and Wheat Thin Pullman Cars, all famous and very rare Nabisco Brand Cars
  • All cars are equipped with remote controlled electric couplers, letting you uncouple cars from the engine and from each other at the touch of a button
  • For maximum fun we highly recommend purchase of our TS-50 operating and uncoupling track kit with your set. This provides the special track required to operate the uncouplers, as well as any operating car you may purchase in the future. Click back once, this track kit is listed right here with the sets
  • Set includes an industrial diorama, billboard, 10 telephone poles and smoke fluid
  • The track in the set includes 8 Curved, 3 Straight and 1 Fastrack Terminal Section, making a 40x60 inch oval. The 30 watt transformer has an engineers handle to control the speed and direction of the train
  • Just put the track together on the floor (even on the carpet) and let the fun begin
  • No assembly required
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