Lionel 00600032



price of one 2009 FM. (The 2009 Catalog Price for the Wabash FM is $ 494.95, and $ 499.96 for the N&W GP7 with Legacy)
  • With the Handheld TMCC controller and two Jersey Central's, you can gang 2 locos together and control them as one designated train, or control the 2 locos seperately on seperate trains
  • You can even couple them together while both are moving, and the control will change from 2 seperate locos to 1 train as soon as the couplers close
  • You can gang them together with conventional transformer control too - just be sure the e-units are synchronized (or turned to forward only)
  • You'll have an unbelievable amount of fun
  • When used in freight service, you usually saw 2 or 3 real FM's ganged together. With 2,400 horsepower each, 2 units could replace a 4 unit F3 ABBA or 2 or 3 steamers
  • The Jersey Central used FM's in both freight and passenger service. During the day, a single FM would haul a dozen commuter cars
  • After the rush hour, 2 or 3 would couple up, take a freight train from Jersey City to Pennsylvania, and come back east with another in plenty of time for the morning rush hour.
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