Lionel 14004



  • After operating coal car unloads coal, the coal magically travels up the ramp and then up the conveyer and is loaded back into the coal car
  • Use with 6-26721 Side Dumping Coal Dump car listed below for continuous coal unloading and loading operation. Any older side dumping car works also
  • If you don't have one, an uncoupling track is needed to operate car, purchase 6-12746 or 6-65149 for O-27 track, or 6-65530 for O-Gauge Track. Both listed below
  • Alternatively, combine conveyer with 6-14005 operating ramp also shown under specials for a complete simulated coal yard
  • No one ever grows tired of using these accessories
  • This writer gave these to both our boys in 1961, and our grandchildren used them this Christmas. I'm going to get a new set for myself, the new one's are a little smoother in operation than the old ones and will last forever too
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