Lionel 24115A



  • Used with log unloading cars, this accessory makes a continuous and fascinating log loading and unloading system. Completely automated, children and adults will use it for hours at a time
  • No assembly required
  • After the train stops with one or more log cars full of logs, the train crew pushes a button and unloads the logs onto the loader
  • Next, press a lever on the control panel, and the logs are hoisted one by one to the top with the lifting mechanism and are stored on the other side of the shed until ready to be loaded onto an empty car
  • Push another lever and the logs are loaded onto a waiting lumber car
  • OH, we wanted one so badly when we were little, but it took Santa several years to get us one and we still use it today
  • The new one is built to operate forever, being made identically with the old one, except for the addition of a maintenance free motorAs an option, the accessory can also be operated with the TMCC Handheld Controller from anywhere in the room if you already have the handheld and a command base
  • To add TMCC, click on the track and transformer navigation bar on the left and purchase a 6-12969 Command System (Only one TMCC system is required for a layout, one system will operate up to 10 trains and many accessories and switches)
  • Using the handheld controller, activate the chain conveyor, drop the unloading stakes, dim and brighten the lights, vary the speed and fine control everything else using yourCAB-1 Remote Control. Record entire animated sequences and play them back over and over with your CAB-1 Remote Control
  • Dimensions: 10 7/8 x 10 5/8 inches, 9 1/8 inches high.
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