Lionel 36739P



  • Here's one of the greatest all time favorites - The Lionel Lines Automatic Log Car that unloads logs at the touch of a button
  • The car also can be re-loaded automatically with one of the log loading accessories
  • All metal, with operating couplers which let you drop off and pick up the car in a siding or the lumber yard just like full size railroad operations
  • Everyone will use this car day after day
  • Produced in 2003 from 1956 tooling, it will never wear out
  • If you have fastrack, our ts-50 uncoupling and unloading kit is required to operate the car (listed on this set page)
  • For systems with 0-Gauge track, a 6-65530 UCS track is required, and for 0-27 systems, 6-12746 UCS is required. Both are listed under our track category (use Navigation bar on left labeled track and transformers
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