Lionel 7603-PROTOTYPE



  • (6-7603). Hand painted on one side, other side is unpainted and is an entirely different car with wood grain going in seperate direction
  • The American Flag and all the small lettering is hand painted
  • the 'sprit of 76' and the 'state house' symbols are pasted-on decals
  • The NJ flag might be hand painted on paper then affixed to the car, the 'flagpole' itself is hand painted!
  • The word 'Trenton' is handpainted but the symbol of the state with the star showing the location of Trenton, as well as the lettering 'State of New Jersey 7603' appear to be applied by machine
  • The mold for the state cars was an entirely new mold and was not ready for Toy Fair, therefore, the display had to be hand made from the regular reefers such as the Cracker Jack, Budweiser and other reefers and beer cars
  • Internally, the NJ side is neld in place with a insert under the roof mounted (and probably glued) in place
  • The tanks molded into the plastic floor of the reefer have been cut off so they wouldn't be seen, since the State Cars do not have tanks
  • This car was the display model on display at the Lionel Showroom in 1975 when the State Set was first announced
  • The announcement that year was for the engine, caboose and the 1st 3 cars in the series (Deleware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey) and they were numbered in the order in which each state signed the Constitution.
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