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Dear Lionel Customer:
  • Although he wasn't writing about Lionel, Charles Dickens nailed our situation when he wrote "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." In terms of product, Lionel is about to release what may be the best line-up we've ever made. And yet, we're not blind to the fact that the economy is still struggling, which may make it hard for consumers to step up and buy the products we know they'll enjoy this year. In order to help make this buying season a little bit easier, I just announced that Lionel would introduce a 10% off rebate on the new products offered in the latest Lionel 2009 Volume 2 catalog. And we're making the program as easy to implement as possible.
  • This 2009 coupon will be available on the Lionel website - Tuesday, October 20. To take advantage of the offer, here's all consumers have to do: Print the coupon from the website. Fill out the coupon with your name and mailing address Send in the completed coupon along with the original receipt from an authorized Lionel dealer that identifies the product purchased and its price to:
  • Lionel 2009 Rebate Program
  • 26750 Twenty-Three Mile Road
  • Chesterfield, MI 48051
  • The coupon will apply to the over 100 new items listed in the Lionel 2009 Volume 2 catalog. Applicable products will be clearly listed on the Lionel website. It's the enthusiasm, loyalty and support of Lionel fans everywhere that allows us to continue making the most innovative product in the market today. This offer is our way of saying thanks. We hope you'll enjoy these new products for years to come. Thank you, Jerry Calabrese Lionel Electric Trains
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