Lionel K2751-4884RS



  • Exclusively from The under license from NJ TRANSIT
  • Equipped with Lionel TMCC
  • Runs independently from other trains on the same tracks(s), with 6-12868 Lionel hand held remote controller
  • Uncouple anywhere on your layout without the use of uncoupling tracks
  • All metal, dual motored, with recessed doors and other features never available on other older GG1's
  • Equipped for optional prototypical operation from overhead catenary wires
  • Full railsounds, crew talk, towercom, the works
  • Painted black after the Penn-Central was formed, 4884 was purchased and operated by NJ Dept of Transportation and NJ TRANSIT after PC shut down
  • NJ TRANSIT was the last railroad to operate GG1's, using them longer than Amtrak and Conrail
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