Lionel mx-417



Manufactured circa 1957. There were four different versions as follows: a) Red metal, round black base, flat fulted stepped size-reducing mast with T-shaped white sign and red "CAUTION"/black "HIGH SPEED TRAINS', ringing chrome bell and swinging white banjo sign with red pointer and black "STOP" sign, single priong rail connector, 1 and three eighths of an inch long copper track overlay contact, box numbered FB-736, 7 and a half inches in height - b) Same as "A" but with a round chrome base - c) Circa 1957, black plastic elevated base with two screw connectors, ringing bell, black mast with single red bulb, black crossbucks, white "RAILROAD CROSSING" and black octagonal sign, white print "STOP ON RED SIGNAL", 6 and three quarters of an inch high - and d) Same as "C" but with a grey base and mast, white crossbucks, black "RAILROAD CROSSING" and white octagonal sign.

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