Lionel pre-165gray



  • Dubbed the "gray years" the very few items produced in 1942 had gray paint substitued for silver paint since silver was no longer available because of the war effort. Any item with grey is extremely rare
  • Crane rotates a full 360 degrees, hook goes up and down, boom goes up and down, all by remote control. Use the hook when you have cars and other loads, attach the magnet when you have scrap metal to handle (Magnet activated by remote control box as well)
  • Built 1940-42. Green painted Bakelite base, steel tower, die-cast tower top enclosing motor and gearbox assembly. cream cab inclosing winding drum. light red roof and ladder, medium green or dark green or olive green Bakelite boom. 1942 version has Gray painted tower and top with a dull green base.
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