Lionel pre-787w



  • Contents: 763E black locomotive, 2226WX tender, 2956 hopper, 2954 box car, 2955 tank, and a 2957 caboose
  • For $50 less than the full scale version (outfit no. 707W), this "semi-scale" set offered a similar appearance and was quite a bargain. The 763E had the same casting as the 700E (including holes for the piping added to the 700E by hand, but the piping and additional valve gear were not added). The tender was smaller too
  • The freight cars were similar to the full scale versions except for the tinplate trucks and box couplers. The 2226 diecast tender was new in 1940 with an "X" on the tender designating low couplers for the freight cars. The semi-scale freight cars followed the same pattern as the full-scale versions. The only change occured in 1941, when the tank car was changed from "SHELL" markings to "S.U.N.X." markings with a "Sunoco" decal.
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