Lionel pre-8976-227



Untilizing many of the castings developed for the 701 scale switcher, Lionel created this semi-scale switcher in 1939. Remaining in the production line through 1942, a number of variations were created. All were equipped with "Teledyne" couplers. This system used a DC relay, similar to that used to activate the whistle on most Lionel steamers, to operate the couplers. The height of the couplers of the 227 matched that of the 2650, 2750, and 2950 series cars. Available as an option was a bell-ringing tender. An off-on lever beneath the tender floor energized a bimetallic strip, which controlled the striker mechanism that sounded the bell. Lionel's catalog number for the 227 locomotive tender comination when not equipped with a bell was 902. Adding a bell resulted in the number being changed to 902B. As introduced in 1939, this semi-scale 0-6-0 had the number8976 rubber-stamped beneath the cab window. The number 227 appeared on the boiler front, and the locomotive was furnished with a 227T tender. Some also came with a 2227B tenders

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