Lionel prototypes

INTRODUCTION TO OUR ARCHIVE + PROTOTYPES, ONE OF A KIND AND UNUSUAL ITEMS our large inventory of Postwar Lionel Trains for available items


  • Pictures are included with nearly all items
  • This archive shows some unusual (mainly 'one of a kind') items made by Lionel (either by the original company before 1969 or later by the successer compoanies under General Mills, Righard Kughn, Wellspring or Gugenheim ownership
  • A prototype may have been made as a sample to be photographed for the catalog and displayed to dealers at the toy fair/Lionel Showrooms
  • A prototype may also be a sample item built and painted for consideration rejected for the line and never produced
  • The information and writings included in our archives comes from many sources, including
  • The staff at The Train-Station, (David Shaw, Don Shaw, Douglas Waller, Daniel White, Douglas Dressler. Bob Hansen, , Steve Morris, Michael Donadio, Mahamoud Sacko, and Bill Weber)
  • Videos by The Train-Staton: Lionel Classic Locoomtive Series of Videos, Volume I, 'The Fairbanks Morse FM (9 variations) and Volume II, The Lionel F3, (19 Variations, 1948, 19660
  • Books by Joe Algozzini, Paul Ambrose, Tomas McComas, Bruce Greenberg, David Doyle
  • Catalog data from The Lionel Corporation Catalogs, and many more
  • We know the items listed exist, because they were entered into our internet system only if we had them in stock in our store at one time or another, and/or sold them
  • A listing in the archive does not means we now have the item
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