Lionel 152



This vast improved Xing gate replaced the prewar #77N, in 1940. Produced by Lionel in 1940-42, and 1945-49. This pedestrain Xing gate was first produced to serve both Standard and O gauge trains. Hence it's larger size gate, at 10 1/2" long. The prewar prewar versions of this colorful accessory are known to exist with gates painted aluminum, gray(1941-42 only), and a very rare white. The postwar production has only aluminum painted gates. Hash marks on each side of the black colored paper strips inside. This all metal gate includes an die-cast metal base painted red, and the gate includes a pedestrain gate-a small arm meant to block passage on the sidewalk on the back end(sometimes removed for better operation. Came with clear 153C bulb or red L431 bayonet bulb. This highly detailed period piece.

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