Lionel pw-1529



  • CONTENTS:2028 Pennsylvania GP7, 6311 brown pipe car, 6436 (either maroon or black) Lehigh Valley quad hopper, 6257 SP-type caboose; 8 curved, 1 straight 0-27 track,6029 uncoupling section, 1014 40 watt or 1015 45 watt transformer
  • Comments: This was the introductory set for the newly designed GP-7. This was the bottom of the Geep line as it offered no horn, only minimal trim, and a light in the cab end only. The engine cab is unpainted maroon plastic with either gold or yellow rubber-stamped lettering, and came in the new corrugated carton while the remqainder of the rolling stock came in Middle Classsic boxes. The 6311 with three pipes and seven stakes is a scarce car and was common only to this set, while either a black or a maroon hopper was an acceptable component. The maroon hopper always came in a box with a "-25" suffix. It is of interest that the only reaql difference between the 6257 caboose at $3.95 retail (for separate sale) and the 6017 caboose at $2.95 retail (for separate sale is that the 6257 has SP logo and a brakewheel on one end.
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