Lionel pw-156



This illuminated station platform was available for sale both before and after World War II - from 1939 until 1942, and again from 1946 until 1949. It was one of Lionel's most popular accessories. It has a heavy bakelite (the original plastic) base and roof, which are painted green and red respectively. The upright supports are diecast. The fences are made of plastic. The points at the top of the fences broke easily, so finding complete ones can be somewhat difficult. Hanging from the fences are four lithographed advertisements featuring companies like Remington Shavers, Sunoco Oil, Lionel, and Baby Ruth candy bars. The ads were not the same from year to year, or even station to station. These stations were made to be placed side by side and each one came with an extra piece of fence to connect multiple pieces. The base measures 12 inches long, 3 and a quarter inches wide, and just over 5 inches tall.

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