Lionel 2020-1946-1TURBINE



Built in 1946 only. Using all-new tooling, the O27 2020 and the O Gauge 671 were the first engines to have smoke units. The number 6200 was stamped on top of a PRR keystone on the front of the boiler. Rather than the traditional E-Unit switch - which normally stuck out of a slot in the boiler - the E-Unit was controlled through a plug and socket arrangement in the cab. Only a single side-rod connected all four wheels on each side. The wheels has nickel rims. Wire handrails ran the length of the boiler on both sides. The number was rubber-stamped in silver beneath the cab windows. The smoke unit utilized a special bulb - commonly referred to as a "smoke bulb" - that was flattened on one side, creating a dimple where the smoke pellet could be placed. Lionel offered a conversion kit to the later, heater-type smoke unit, so finding one with the "smoke bulb" became rarer. It came with a 2020W square whistle tender.

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