Lionel pw-2025 loc + caboose



Built from 1947 to 1949, and again in 1952. This engine was styled after the Pennsylvania Railroads K5 class Pacific locomotive, of which only two real engines were ever built. The boiler was painted black and had wire handrails down the length of both sides, as well as an ornamental bell. The number was rubber-stamped in silver. The smokestack was separately applied. On older engines it was left silver, while on later models it was painted black. A keystone with the number "5690" was stamped on the front of the boiler. The 1947 to 1949 versions were 2-6-2's. They had nickel-rimmed Baldwin disc drivers, and a detailed diecast two wheel trailing truck. The 1952 version was made into a 2-6-4, with the cheaper looking trailing truck used on Prairie-type locomotives like the 2037. They came with either a 2466WX or 6466WX whistle tender. All Lionel items (old or new) sold by The Train Station come with a full one year warranty. We stand behind what we sell!

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