Lionel pw-2028g



This engine was only produced in 1955. It was available for separate sale, as well as the engine in O27 outfit 1529. At $18.50, it was $5 cheaper than the O gauge 2328 and 2338 GP-7s, which also made their debut in 1955. This was because by comparison, the 2028 was the "stripped down" version. It did not have an operating horn, nor an ormamental horn, and it only had one headlight - on the short-hood end. However, it did come with a three-position reverse unit, Magne-Traction, operating couplers on both ends, and a Pullmor motor.
  • The body is unpainted, tuscan red with a gold-painted frame, and rubber-stamped lettering and 'PRR' herald on the cab. It came with both gold and yellow lettering - this is the gold lettered version.
  • The lettering is often rubbed away. Rubber stamping was used to apply it - very similar to the striping on PRR GG-1s. As poorly as the striping held up on GG-1s, the lettering on these units is arguably even weaker. It is common to find relettered engines. There were a couple of variations in the frame. Some had welded handrails while some were riveted. Other still were welded, but rivet holes were still present.
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